Saturday, October 1, 2011

"We don't need another hero" (George Kritikos)

Oh my!
Well I've read all my comments from my previous blog for my Semi-Retirement.
I truly and deeply appreciate all the support. It amazes me that there were so many replies and concerns. Makes me feel....not so alone....

Getting my ducks in a yeah. I will do my best and there are still more photos that i will be posting during my time away. Lord knows how backed up I am in posting them.

aFeinberg: many hugs and kisses to you as well. You are a true example and inspiration that one can accomplish anything. That motivates to to go forth and just not give up.

Harold: I never saw it that way. I never once thought that I do have my life together and that I just need to do what is already set in my mind. Starting over doesn't sound so bad.

Matthew McBrown: once told me "If you can't see the tree, you can't see the forest".
I often just get so lost withing myself and caught up in "life" that I forget who I am and where I'm set out to be or go.

kbartram: I've been to AZ all around. Maybe once I'm driving again I can take my trip there;)
And thanks for the offer. Maybe my ambitions are too big, but I do hope to be in a beter situation all around by then.

HerrDrayer: I absolutely love Germany! I was there last year and had hoped to go this summer too until everything fell apart. So I must try again for next year. Thank you for that. Do you use ProTools?

Andrew Zarr: thank you again for the support. I do so love the art industry as well as the music industry. Hopefully soon I can provide music links here for you to view and listen.

Unbearable lightness: When Ia see you and your drive and love for modeling it deeply inspires me. As a female figure, a heroic writer and talented model, I really look up to you. Thank you so much for sharing all of your beauty inside and out.

Mark: Absolutely and Yes! I have alot of fun shooting with you. I do hope to make my way north again. I just wish I had a date set.

Many more news to come. Thank you all.

photography by George Kritikos
Set Design By Adam Chilson
Body Paint, make-up, and wardrobe by Lisa Berczel
Hair Stylist Jason Becker


  1. I guess I should have written a longer message of support. Still a fan though

  2. Yes, I'm running Pro Tools on a Mac Mini or a MacBook Pro, depending on whether I'm in the studio or in the field.