Sunday, October 16, 2011

Like a Stone (U M B R O)

By U M B R O
and fellow model JK Footman

So I guess you've been wondering where I've been all week. Well, I was in Bermuda, yet again, for a fabulous shoot with a good friend, supporter, and photographer, Seon Robinson. We spent 3 full days shooting and executed some pretty cool concepts. I won't make any promises as to when I will be able to share any photos. But hopefully soon to come. Meanwhile, please enjoy this series by photographer Joseph Umbro, and fellow model JK Footman.
On another note, I am so very pleased that those who have been keeping up with me and my blog have passed the word around. I have been getting so many supporters, even some I have never met, or spoken (typed) to. So thank you so much. I am truly and deeply touched. Things are starting to look up for me. I haven't found a home yet, but seems like I will be able to get on the road again if this month turns out good enough to get a car again.
But truthfully, I really cannot wait for this year to be over. I am eager to start anew and get control of my life again. My losses are making way for new experiences, knowledge, music, art, and love.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

For Mr. Urban Pope (Andrew Kaiser)

Ha you're not in trouble =D
Blogging has become the revolutionized way of networking and sharing. It's become part of a lifestyle for alot of us in many of industries and has become a priority and an important part of our lives in this growing technology and the era of "Now".
That said...
I didn't miss your comment, love. But I did miss my reply to you while I was copyig and pasting from Word to my blog. So I've included it today on it's own personal blog. I'm sorry. I wasn't ignoring you. Big hugs!
Urban Pope: You have been the fiercest follower, commenter, supporter, and friend since the beginning of my blog. You have been my drive, amongst others, to continue writing. You've shown interest and have had good and constructive criticism which have helped me grow and learn. I truly appreciate your presence and hope you will continue to be by my side in this as I continue to post, write, and hopefully share my music in this blog in the future. Dissecting Sound and Soul is not over. And I hope to continue sharing with everyone I've met (in person and online) in this industry.

Thank you so much for being there through the thick and thin of my blog.

Photography by Andrew Kaiser
Portland, OR

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"We don't need another hero" (George Kritikos)

Oh my!
Well I've read all my comments from my previous blog for my Semi-Retirement.
I truly and deeply appreciate all the support. It amazes me that there were so many replies and concerns. Makes me feel....not so alone....

Getting my ducks in a yeah. I will do my best and there are still more photos that i will be posting during my time away. Lord knows how backed up I am in posting them.

aFeinberg: many hugs and kisses to you as well. You are a true example and inspiration that one can accomplish anything. That motivates to to go forth and just not give up.

Harold: I never saw it that way. I never once thought that I do have my life together and that I just need to do what is already set in my mind. Starting over doesn't sound so bad.

Matthew McBrown: once told me "If you can't see the tree, you can't see the forest".
I often just get so lost withing myself and caught up in "life" that I forget who I am and where I'm set out to be or go.

kbartram: I've been to AZ all around. Maybe once I'm driving again I can take my trip there;)
And thanks for the offer. Maybe my ambitions are too big, but I do hope to be in a beter situation all around by then.

HerrDrayer: I absolutely love Germany! I was there last year and had hoped to go this summer too until everything fell apart. So I must try again for next year. Thank you for that. Do you use ProTools?

Andrew Zarr: thank you again for the support. I do so love the art industry as well as the music industry. Hopefully soon I can provide music links here for you to view and listen.

Unbearable lightness: When Ia see you and your drive and love for modeling it deeply inspires me. As a female figure, a heroic writer and talented model, I really look up to you. Thank you so much for sharing all of your beauty inside and out.

Mark: Absolutely and Yes! I have alot of fun shooting with you. I do hope to make my way north again. I just wish I had a date set.

Many more news to come. Thank you all.

photography by George Kritikos
Set Design By Adam Chilson
Body Paint, make-up, and wardrobe by Lisa Berczel
Hair Stylist Jason Becker