Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winds in the Woods (Joe Ruesing)

Photography By Joe Ruesing on the Big Island

My second trip to Hawaii was an interesting one.
Got attacked by mosquitoes of which I'm highly allergic to, slipped on a location shoot and didn't realize how badly injured I was until all was done, had cancellations, but also a last minute booking, and couldn't find a bank to purchase my fight home. I finally bought the ticket home the day before my departure from Oahu. But all in all, everything worked out fantastically.
Here is a series from my first shoot with Joe Ruesing, rockin' as usual. Thanks so much Joe <3

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  1. For all the problems that came your way , the results of the photo shoot are MAGNIFICENT !!!!!! The first image is absolutely soul stirring Merrique !!!!!!