Friday, September 25, 2009

Vast (OnePixArt)

Here is a special piece by OnePixArt.

A few words
that roll deliciously
on the winds of the tongue.

A short song,
a hymn,
a prose, if you will.

He captured me
when I was not there,
lost between
some surreal abyss and the race of time.

Vast...vast core through my eyes....and touch my soul.


  1. Have I told U that U are pure poetry, a Muse beyond compare? I will.

  2. I love the pose, the setting, The picture tells "a story". But, the picture is framed poorly. Photographers have to look at the entire image in their view-finder. Too much blank wall in the picture. The image should be the steps, the hand-rail and the model. Move the camera, have the model move, etc. I get frustrated to see the perfect photo get away. I'm sorry, I can't help being blunt.