Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Time...(Joachim Xenkor)

Joachim Xenkor
Madrid, Spain


  1. Aye'yay'yay, que fuerza de transparencia (porque dice que los dos están en España, y lo hablo). Hopelessly, a long-winded collection of ideas is okay. Transparency is honesty is ferocity. The first shot lays bare the most potent, revealing parts of the body, to me: the naked eyes (especially the naked eye in combination with her/his/their nude body to match). They sort of invite the viewer, with both a soft gentility, yet a brash confidence all the same. Then, we're fortunate to be given your body, bared in full, to nothing more than air, light, a camera, and eyes. Such a rich mix of hues, white/yellow light, light khaki, full beige, deep brown, shadowed mahogany -- a spectrum blended seamlessly into each other, dancing between light and shadow. Melanin part DNA, part exposure to the sun, as original and honest as anything can be. Beauty live. The shapes and form of the body, unfortunately in only a few poses (never satisfied, ha). The deep mahogany areolas stand-out instantly, their perfect circles if there ever are any, the deepest, purest mahogany, supple, plump, lush. Like divine punctuation on the lightest, palest skin on the body -- the contrast intensifies their magnetic resonance on the body, on my focus. They dot the body's palest breast skin because both breast and areola/nipple are normally covered, from the sun, from the public, from eyeballs. Knowing they're seldom seen is yet another reason why my eye sticks, feasts on them, part primal urge, part cultivated appreciation. I must peel off of them, yet like a wave that can't stay off a beach's shore, they run back. There must be an embedded memory of mammary nursing as an infant, too, surely, that attracts, fixates to them. The first, most potent, nutritious source of life after birth. A history of our specie's treatment/meaning of the body, body parts, tangled in science and evolution, and religion, culture, affection, intimacy, sexuality, etc., is for another time. Fascinating subject, fascinating species, albeit although all too often ignorant, unfortunately, myself included. itself a reason my eyes can't stay away from them. Even when looking at other parts of the body, the eye (or the mind's eye) sees them, on the periphery. Yet as I age, I've realized more and more that each area, every part of the body is as beautiful, valuable, and vital as the rest. Ironically, appreciating each part, the ankle, inner calf, knee, thigh, hip, small of the back, shoulder, neck, collarbone, cheek, forearm, hand...actually increases that same very appreciation of the rest, at the same time. As we appreciate the current area, the absence of the rest makes the heart grow fonder. Similarly, out of the many (body parts), there is one (collective body), and out of the single (collective body), is the many (parts). Perception, meaning, and interpretation is all a matter of degree, and all in the eye oft he beholder.

    Thanks so much for the time and energy, as well as for sharing, St. Merrique (apologies if you go by something different, I'm new here!), and Joachim Xencor.

    I looked around the site, yet didn't see a contact email contact/agent/etc., how can I send you a project proposal?

    Best to you,

    Dusty Cole
    (De Tucson, Arizona, EUA)