Sunday, September 1, 2013

A little Taste of Rossland (2012)

me being silly

Ron Skei

they gave me the position to being the look-out while they took photos...

Helen and I made a good little team.....

Dave Aharonian...

Scott Nichol

the lovely ladies I spent the week with:
Keira, Robin, Jen, Nom Nom (aka Brook Lynne), Countess Bluh (aka Helen)!

Doug Doyle

Oh no! We're naked!

Ron...he had a revelation

no lost it...

Photographers model too:
Doug, Ron, Scott, Dave, and Michael 

Ron and I getting down...

Doug and Dave

Wait for me...

from left to right and bottom:
Rowena, Michael Cordiez, Dave  Aharonian, Sara Ellis, Brook Lynne, Scott Nichol, Keira Grant, Clay A.G. NIkiforuk, me, Rhymes W. Moose, Ron Skei, and Doug Doyle.
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