Monday, March 5, 2012

Travel notice for this month (ShadowsWillFall)

Photography by ShadowsWillFall

Hello fellow bohemians,
Yes, I'm back on the road. Hopefully for good now. Or until I wrinkle up.
In my previous post I included my travel plans for the year so far. Some dates are not solid yet. But if you want to shoot, we can change that, since I can shoot to trade for flight fare.
BTW, I NEVER cancel. I'd have to be bleeding, broken, or dying from school or cold or natural disasters. You can check references to ease the thought of a flight paid for going down the drain.

Three time slots to fill for shooting while I'm in Portland: Friday 3/23 1pm-5pm; Sunday 3/25 all day free; Monday 3/26 morning only. Send me a private message for inquiries :*

Two Days to fill while I'm in the Bay area : Tuesday 3/27; Thursday 3/29.

I will be driving down the coast touring wineries that following weekend with my boyfriend. Bay Area to LA southbound. I can take only select shoots with a strict model fee during those days. Or if you have a place we can crash at, maybe I can TF.

Next Month: The lovely Bermuda.....

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