Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Locked Out - Leucosia (Dark Brain Comic/ Janette-Marie)

I'm excited to announce Dark Brain Comics' huge third and final graphic novel for Locked Out Leucosia. It's me, it's me. I hope to do more work for comic books in the future.
This particular comic is 18+

Quoted by Dark Brain Comics:
"This final journey for Emily happens deep in Columbia's Underbelly and she will encounter a range of very unusual and dangerous characters as she tries to stay alive while being hunted by... just about everyone!

The LEUCOSIA graphic novel will also include the two-issue backstory UNLOCKED. Until 1/31/12 you can purchase it as part of a season pass: [link]

Much more information to come, but hope you enjoy the cover.

Of course, be sure to catch up on the first two Locked Out storylines (EYE OPENER and SUBTERFUGE) here: http://www.darkbrain.com/dbe/LockedOut.aspx"

Thank you Andrew Zarr for considering me for this character.

Pencils: Ed Silva
Inks: Henrik Horvath
Colors: Christa Rosenkranz
Story: Jessie Jones Plotlines/edits: Andrew Zar
Modeling: Merrique
photographed by Janette Marie


  1. So happy you were game for it - you are an amazing muse! I really love the result, such an amazing character.