Saturday, January 15, 2011

Portraiture (Tyler Kendal)

No hair or make up was prepped for these shots. Just chemistry between photographer, lens, and muse.
by Tyler Kendal


  1. Doing that takes real guts. Of course that is part of being a model and artist;laying it all out there.
    I find it interesting that we are returning to organic photos in the wake of the digital world.

    What's new in sound dissection?

  2. I need to start coming back here more often . I just adore your natural beauty Merrique !!!!!! I think there's something special about seeing a woman sans makeup . I always think a woman would run for the hills if I were to suggest such and not believe my sincerity . All BEAUTIFUL images especially the top image !!!!!! And the thing with you , is the natural beauty isn't just on the surface !!!!! .... I keep going back to look at the images ..... I don't want to leave !!!!!!

  3. :-) Natural Beauty is always the best I must say. I've always loved your work my old friend.