Tuesday, December 28, 2010

For the new year (Andrew Kaiser)

Hello Fellow Bohemians,
This has been quite a year! It's ups and downs. It's laughter and sorrow. Art and War. This economy crisis, and the trees I've planted ....just random =D
If you've had a bad balance this year, don't fret. Help your fellow bohemian instead of competing. Stay positive in the lowest of times. Keep pushing in the more difficult times. And try harder in moments of dispare. Don't give up. And don't forget to love one another no matter what our differences.
If you've had a good balanced year. I send you great love as well. Lend a hand to those around you, and keep planting those trees =)

So with that, I leave you with these absolutely beautifully shot photos (shot in print!) by Andrew Kaiser. Exuding feminine sensual energy, and beautiful light. Thank you Andrew =)

And many many good blessings to you all in the coming year.

photography by Andrew Kaiser