Saturday, April 28, 2012

Night (Dave Le Beck)

I have missed my dear friend Dave LeBeck. After a while of not shooting we had so much to talk about. This is a series we did upon our meeting. Then we went out for sushi at my favorite sushi bar in LA. Sushi Hiroba, yummmerrzzzz. I can eat there everyday. Thank you for such good company.

Photography by Dave LeBeck


  1. For the first time I'm speechless. I'm sure you're happy about that :)

  2. Good to see you posting again. I know you work hard at sculpting your body, and I have to tell you your back is looking AMAZING! Love seeing the new stuff.

  3. I hope you have an agent by now and/or a good mentor. But if you don't, I'll jump in that role for a second and tell you this: Everyone knows you have a beautiful body and some great modeling skills, but it's your gorgeous face that will make you a star. Don't forget. Okay?