Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Natural Me (Jimmy P.)

A special concept I shared with photographer Jim Pollock.
Film. Shot in natural light. For a natural me.

I sometimes get comments or questions regarding my nether region and the natural hairs I cherish. Although, it isn't an appropriate question, I thought I might share it.
I love myself this way and am completely comfortable sporting "it" in this style. I believe this is what sets me apart from other models. I/You don't HAVE to remove it if you don't want to. It is a fad, and that is great to be fashionably conscious. But this is what makes us human.
If we were supposed to be without hairs we would have been born bald.
I am saying nothing against those who do remove them. Hey! Whatever Tickles Your Fancy.
But trust in me when I say I love to do whatever I want and will always find the means to do so. Take me as I am.

Thank you Jim for capturing something so pure to my beliefs.

photography by Jim Pollock


  1. I love natural and that is beautiful

  2. Well for one, i freakin' love it!!!! It is so sexy to me. Nothing like a natural beautiful woman! bald is so cliche. thanks for being you! i dnt care if everbody hate least you know u got one fan that aint leavin!! lol...Keep em coming beautiful!

  3. I will always LOVE you , as you are !!!!!! <3

  4. The love of my life had a beautiful, thick bush, trimmed at the sides but long, thick and curly. Going smooth is a fad that has now lasted more than ten years. Even older women are sans the natural cooling coils. (Their natural purpose.)

    You are beautiful no matter what. Your beauty is as eternal as the southern cross and as a model, you will forever be this beautiful as long as these images exist.

    You will still be seen, appreciated and longed for by many long after we are all dead and gone. I say this in reference to the fact that nudes from the last century are now being un-earthed and seen on the net for the whole world to see. Those beautiful women would have no idea that someone is seeing them more than a hundred years after they were taken. Your images will last that long too.