Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Three Variations (Jim Reekes)

by Jim Reekes


  1. If you weren't so beautiful and skilled in your modeling, I would have to sum you up as being very bold. I assume you enjoy your cutting edge and daring photos. But one importand point I will make, I hope you realize that your face and grace alone are strong enough to carry you forwards.
    The framing and/or cropping are off again. Can you see what I mean?

  2. I have come to the opinion that my presence here is more a hindrance to you than a value. I fear I have scared the little photog gremlins away with my rather blunt, but fair, remarks. For this I do apologize. I shall take my leave of you with simply a kind request from m'Lady.
    I do hope future web traffic increases to your blog. It is a joy to see. Perhaps the little monsters will speak up again if I don’t run my big mouth first. Now then, be well and always look them in the eye!

  3. Superlative work here. She is so beautiful she's painful to look at.