Friday, August 27, 2010

Lounging in silence (Jim Reekes)

A series by Jim Reekes on shades and soft tones


  1. Great color, killer eyes, gorgeous face, perfect poses, great use of depth-of-field, The open palm of the hand is a very sexy and sweet touch. Many artists wouldn't think of doing that. TEAM WORK! Right?

  2. Dear Lady, I would hope you would allow me to defend myself after being publicly chastised. My honor has been called into question. Please, permit me to restore my good name. LOL Toodles.......

  3. to urban pope.
    just had to let you know i'm listening lol. well i'll take it down now=D


  4. I'll be talking,lol. Most of your followers know you you can't take a bad picture. We need to get you noticed by everyone. I can't imagine someone seeing you on a magazine cover and not picking it up.
    You'll get there.

  5. I really liked and loved the way you can not only use your body but also and maybe most of all ... your eyes. To me it's the acting of your face that makes you so good.

    Yours Cappa

  6. All are wonderful but I love the third pic the best.Very sweet and playful.